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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Form

Traffic tickets can be very frustrating. Do not compound the frustration of receiving a traffic ticket with the negative consequences of pleading guilty to your current charge. By pleading guilty to any moving violation, you will be assessed points against your driving record. Those points mean higher insurance rates and the potential suspension of your driving privileges. Do not choose this route without first contacting me.

Getting your traffic case resolved favorably is a simple process. I have handled thousands of traffic cases by simply negotiating with prosecutors for plea bargains to non-moving violations. I have been able to keep points off of my clients' driving records in an efficient and economic manner and can achieve this result for you.

For your convenience, I have provided a link from the Missouri Department of Revenue's website that outlines moving violations and the points assessed.


Please feel free to use my hassle-free ticket information link for your convenience. Simply click on the link above entitled "Traffic Ticket Form", enter the required information and I will review your information and contact you about your ticket(s). My fees start as low as $50 for minor tickets in any municipal court within St. Louis County. More serious charges require further evaluation. If you are unsure about the severity of your charge, submit the details of your case and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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